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Silver Jubilee Open Show 2016

Silver Jubilee Open Show 2016

Snikkles Blue Print

Best in Show : Atkins & Charles' Snikkles Blue Print

(Ch Snikkles Sea Lavender x Firstprizebears Jaskieo avec Snikkles)

Midshires Bearded Collie Club 2016 best in show

Reserve Best in Show : Nadene Harvester

(Kirstancourt Kiss'n'Tail x Nadene Gentle Touch)

Best Puppy in Show : Potterdale Potential

(Ch Potterdale Platinum Plus x Ch Potterdale Star Potential)

Best Bitch : Damalek Designer Chimes

(DT/VDH Ch Philemon Sixth Sense x Damalek Dusty Chimes)

Reserve Best Bitch : Malandex Xquisit Diamond

(Ch Hisnhers Special Diamond x Malandex Xpresses Love)

Best Veteran in Show : Ch Nellbrook Mystification

(Ch Bendale That's My Boy x Ch Breaksea Devil in Disguise)

21 FEBRUARY 2016

My thanks to committee for a well run show.  Also to my stewards Richard and Sue for their hard work.    My thanks to Jenny and Richard’s granddaughter for her help.   Also thank you to Mr.  & Mrs. Finch for donation of the lovely rosettes.

And for the wonderful entry of quality Beardies.   Many I’m afraid went home without prize cards.

I found temperaments fine, all  Beardies were clean and very well presented.  There were some dirty teeth with a build up of plaque.  I was also disappointed in the lack of muscle tone in some.   Beardies are a working breed and I feel they should be in a hard condition, it’s not just coat.   Lots of promising dogs in the younger classes.   Puppy classes in particular.  Lots of up and coming stars who will challenge each other many times in the future.   I shall watch with great interest.

Karmeliann That's the Spirit

Minor Puppy Dog (1) 

1st Jackson’s  KARMELIAN THAT’S THE SPIRIT   6 Month Puppy that stood alone in his class super head and eye, good reach of neck leading to long back and good rib.  First show so a little unsure on the move.  May have been the floor surface.  Very promising  puppy dog.

Potterdale Potential

Puppy Dog (2)  

1st Edinboro/Lewis’ POTTERDALE POTENTIAL  Lovely slate puppy.  Strong head and muzzle leading to a good reach of neck and well placed shoulder, good length of back, well angulated at the rear, moved well and was well focused.  Loved his outline on the move and standing.  Very promising future ahead of I’m sure.  BEST PUPPY IN SHOW.

2nd Ms  Jones’  BRAEMORY LOCH RANZAAT AT CALANWILLOWS   Dark slate boy.  Very strong head and muzzle, good shoulder and deep rib.  Harsh coat for his age, little shorter in the back than 1.  Didn’t move as well today.

Malandex Xclusive Diamond

Junior Dog (4:1 absent) 

1st  Baker/Van De Hoef’s  MALANDEX XCLUSIVE DIAMOND  Well presented dark brown dog.  Good eye and a strong head and muzzle.  Lovely laid back shoulder deep rib and long back. Moved well at front and rear.  Lovely boy.   Congratulations on JW today.

2nd  Waldron’s  SNOWMEAD SUPER SLEUTH  Lovely dark dog with eye to match, strong head leading to a good shoulder and front deep rib. Moved with drive and purpose.

3rd  Stockwell’s Winterlyn Northern Lights

Snowmead Super Sleuth

Yearling Dog  (7: 2 ab)


2nd   Baileys’s TALRAZ NUTS IN MAY   Brown dog in between coats at present.  Nice eye and expression, a good head and deep rib, long back,  moved well and with drive.

3rd Osmart Minks Dark Lord

4th Croftcaileag Dugald Dubh

5th Croftcaileag Lachan Gorm

Bumbleridge Naughty n Nice

Veteran Dog (5:2ab)

1st  Nicholls-Ward’s  BUMBLERIDGE NAUGHTY N NICE  10 years Dark slate in good coat, strong head dark eye, deep rib level topline on the move.   Still enjoying the shows.

2nd Carter’s  IR CH BREAKSEA ALLEGRO  12years Brown boy in full coat good dark eye and strong head, good shoulder, long back level topline moved well.

3rd Gilbert’s Thingamebob My Guy

Novice Dog (6)

1st  Malandex Xclusive Diamond
2nd  Talraz Nuts in May
3rd  Osmart Minks Dark Lord
4th  Karmeliann That's The Spirit
5th  Croftcaileag Dugald Dubh

Nellbrook It's A Mystery at Whizzbomb

Graduate Dog (6:1ab)

1st  Griffiths’ NELLBROOK IT’S A MYSTERY AT WHIZZBOMB  Coming on well slate boy.  Pleasing head and eye well laid back shoulder and deep rib.  Good muscle and moved well with level topline.

2nd Hardy’s POTTERDALE HARRIER AT OTTERWISH  I love this boy.  Super blue boy with a strong head and correct eye colour to tone with coat.  Lovely reach of neck correct shoulder and good length of back.   In good coat which was harsh.   Kept his topline on the move.   Lovely to see him at shows again.

3rd  Snowmead Super Sleuth
4th  Nellbrook it's now or never
5th  Croftcaileag Dugald Dubh

Pipadene Vision of Destiny

Post graduate Dog  (3:1ab)

1st  Betts’ PIPADENE VISION OF DESTINY  slate boy with a pleasing head and eye.   A good reach of neck leading to well laid shoulder, deep rib and good length of back, level topline, moved out well       with his handler well presented.

2nd Colley’s  INDIGO DE CHESTER  Slate dog in full coat.  Pleasing head and dark eye,  good shoulder and rib. Good length of back

Snikkles Blue Print

Limit Dog  (7:4ab)

1st  Atkins/Charles’  SNIKKLES BLUE PRINT  Lovely blue dog.   Very well groomed and presented by handler.   Good strong head correct eye colour to tone with coat which was harsh and a good length. Lovely reach of neck and well laid shoulder.  A deep rib well angulated rear which was well muscled , long back  and super topline, on the move and standing.  Loved his outline.  Thank you for bringing this boy to the show .  BEST IN SHOW

2nd Jays’ IN VOGUE ISLAND HIGH SOCIETY AT TALRAZ  Nice dark slate with harsh coat.   Pleasing head and eye.   A good shoulder leading to good reach of neck and length of back.   Moved out well with a level  topline.  Loved his expression.

3rd  Labooshar Lord Wellington

Nadene Harvester

Open Dog (6:1ab)

1st  Mather/Richardson’s   NADENE HARVESTER   Watched this dog  many times.   Lovely dark brown.  Today felt like he excelled.   Strong head and nice dark eye,  good reach of neck and well placed shoulder leading to deep rib and good length of back well muscled.  Sound mover held his topline on the move .  His coat was harsh and the correct length.  Had to call him back for Reserve Best in Show.

2nd Salmon’s   RAMSGROVE GANDALF  I really like this boy.   Dark slate with an eye to tone with coat. Strong head and good reach of neck.   Deep rib and very well muscled.   He had good length of back a harsh coat.  Today he didn’t want to move out with his handler.  I was so disappointed.

3rd  Subessen Echoes of Power
4th  Aratika Daydream Believer
5th  Tonsarne Music Maker

Luna de chester at Kingswud

Minor Puppy Bitch  (10: 4abs)   What lovely class of new babies.

1st  Collins’ LUNA DE CHESTER AT KINGSWILD (KINGSWUD)   7months  slate  very feminine lovely expression and head dark eye.   A well placed shoulder and good reach of neck.   Lovely length of back and well angulated at rear.  Moved well with purpose very confident puppy.  Pushed hard for best puppy bitch.

2nd Hoods’ WILLOWMEAD DREAM MAGIC AT BRYONYHILL  Different type to 1.   6 months slate.  Lovely feminine head and sweet expression good shoulder rib and length of back moved well.

3rd  Osmart Jess Golden Tzarina 
4th  Megamaree Just Perfection
5th  Brookles Luna Starlight

Braemoray Loch An Eilein

Puppy Bitch  (8:3abs)  QUALITY ENTRIES

1st  Hards’ BRAEMORAY LOCH AN EILEIN   Slate puppy of quality.  Correct amount of coat well presented and handled.  A strong head and a dark eye lovely expression , good reach of neck and well placed shoulder leading onto good length of back and deep rib.  Well angulated and moved  without any effort and focus.  Very promising future ahead of her.

2nd  Sale/Lewis’  POTTERDALE PLATINUIM STAR  Very feminine puppy little unsettled today.   Dark slate feminine head lovely expression well placed shoulder leading to good length of back moved well .  Can see her doing well in the future needs to settle.

3rd  Willowmead Dream Majic at Bryonyhill 
4th  Megamaree Just Perfection

Malandex Xquisit Diamond

 Junior Bitch  (6:1abs)

1st  Baker/Van De Hoef’s   MALANDEX XQUISIT DIAMOND  What a delight, brown bitch, super head and eye to tone with coat.  Lovely reach of neck leading to a well laid shoulder.   Deep rib and good length of back.   Good angulation and muscle.  Moved well front and back.   Held her topline.   In harmony with her handler at all times .  Outstanding profile.  Credit to her breeders.  RESERVE BEST BITCH.

2nd  Brooks /Grundy’s   HELEVIEW HEARTBREAKER FROM FRAGLESTONE  Very feminine bitch in full coat although in between  coat colours.   Pleasing head and eye.   Good reach of neck and well placed shoulder.   Good length of back .  Good rib well angulated moved well front and back.

3rd  Malandex Diamond Xpression for Emazenridge 
4th  Snowmead Silent Secret with Adjucet
5th  Heleview Harmony

Talraz May Queen

Yearling Bitch (10:2abs)

1st Jays’ TALRAZ MAY QUEEN.   Slate bitch in good coat.  Lovely head and eye that tones in with coat.   Good reach of neck well laid shoulder leading to good length of back.   Moved well  with drive well muscled.   Very confident little lady.

2nd Bowden’s   SUBESSEN BLAZE OF FIRE  Slate bitch pleasing head and expression dark eye.  Good  shoulder and reach of neck good length of back.   Moved wel,l a little less coat than 1st  nice outline standing.

3rd  Bargemon Tosca JW
4th  Bargemon Carmen
5th  Bryonyhill Boars Hill Big Bang

Nellbrook Mystification

Veteran Bitch  (11:5abs)  Quality class

1st  Edwards’  CH NELLBROOK MYSTIFICATION   11 year old bitch in super condition.   She is well muscled and moves with purpose in tune with her handler.   In good coat feminine.   Head and a dark eye good reach of neck well laid shoulder and deep rib good length of back held her topline on the move.   Best veteran in show

2nd   Fielders’  SASKYADU MAGICAL MOONLIGHT AT MALARKY  Really like this girl.   In super condition dark slate dark eye and strong head.   Lovely reach of neck  and good shoulder leading to a long back good muscle moved well .

3rd  Ch Athemburgh New Beginning
4th  Bargemon en Vogue ShCM
5th  Seacharmzed Adorabubble

Malandex Diamond Xpression for Emazenridge

Novice Bitch  (10:2abs)

1st  Griggs’ MALANDEX DIAMOND EXPRESSION FOR EMAZENRIDGE  Very mature for her age.  Very dark slate in full coat.   Loved her head and dark eye well laid shoulder and good reach of neck good length of back moved well was 3rd in junr

2nd  Gibsons’  BARGEMON CARMEN  Slate bitch with a feminine head and lovely expression eye to compliment coat, good length of back, moved well with purpose, well handled.

3rd  Bryonyhill Boars Hill Big Bang
4th  Willowmead Dream Majic at Bryonyhill
5th  Croftcalaeg Morag Dubh

Sammara Fancy Dress

Graduate Bitch  (8:3abs)

1st  O’Briens’  SAMMARA FANCY DRESS   Fawn bitch in full coat, very pleasing little girl.  Lovely head with eyes to tone with coat lovely expression .  Lovely reach of neck with well laid shoulder.   A good rib  with good length of back moved with drive well muscled for her age.

2nd Edwards’ NELLBROOK ILLUSION  Dark slate with a feminine head dark eye ,  good reach of neck and well placed shoulder,  good length of back and moved well.

3rd  Subessen Blaze of Fire
4th  Bargemon Carmen
5th  Bryonyhill Boars Hill Big Bang

Pipadene Vusa Amakhosi

Post Graduate Bitch  (7:1abs)

1st  Betts’  PIPPADENE VUSA AMAKTIOSI  A slate bitch in lovely coat.   Feminine head and eye to tone with coat.   Lovely reach of neck leading to a deep rib and long back.  Well muscled,  moved well for her handler front and back, nice outline standing and level topline.

2nd Harkin’s  MERRYTHORPE MISS SCARLETT AT CLAUDALLA  Brown bitch in full coat.   Good pigment lovely head and dark eye.   Good reach of neck well placed shoulder.  Good length of back nice outline on the move.

3rd  Nellbrook Illusion
4th  Talraz Fleur de Lys
5th  Snikkles Sapphire

Damalek Designer Chimes

Limit Bitch (6:2abs)

1st Hale’ s DAMALEX DESIGNER CHIMES  Lovely dark slate bitch in full coat.   Showed well.   Lovely head and dark eye sweet expression.   Good reach of neck well laid shoulder deep rib  and good length of back.   Well angulated and muscled.  Covered the ground on the move with ease and confidence in tune with her handler.   Pleased to give her Best Bitch.

2nd O’Brien’s   SAMMARA LITTLE BLACK DRESS  Lovely little girl.   Little out of coat at present.   Lovely feminine head with a dark eye.   Lovely reach of neck and laid back shoulder.   A good deep rib and long back.   Moved well front and back.  Lovely litter.

3rd  Seacharmzed Razamataz 
4th  Aratika Spirit Maid

Aratika Creme de la Creme

Open Bitch  (8: 1abs)  Quality bitches

1st  Woolley’s   ARATIKA CRÈME DE LA CRÈME  Lovely brown bitch in full coat.  Well presented  and handled,  a strong feminine head with a dark eye.   Good reach of neck well laid back shoulder and good length of back.  Moved with drive and confidence.

2nd Wilding’s BENDALE SWEET GEORGIA BROWN  Very pretty feminine brown bitch.   Always liked her today didn’t move so well.  Feminine head with nice dark eye.   Good reach of neck leading to well placed shoulder.   Good rib and long back.   In full coat won’t be long until she gets her title.

3rd  Sengalas Indiana Eclipse for Emazenridge
4th  Bargemon Boadicea 
5th  Greenybabes Princess Evie avec Adjucet


Mrs.  B. Goodyer    (DAJUE)

Midshires Bearded Collie Club Silver Jubilee

Midshires Bearded Collie Club Committee

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