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Open Show 2017 Judge Mr Ian Pickup
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Open Show 2017 Judge Mr Ian Pickup

Best in Show
O'Brien's Sammara Little Black Dress

Reserve Best in Show                                                            
Natterjack Nordic Star Over Clovabrae                                               

Best Opposite Sex
In Vogue Island High Society at Talraz

Midshires Bearded Collie Club Open Show

Sunday 19th February 2017

Many thanks to the Committee for putting on a super show and for looking after me so well on the day. I was also grateful to my Stewards Richard and Carol for doing a grand job and for making the ring flow so well. It was really pleasing to have such a lovely entry. The quality of the beardies entered in some classes was outstanding and I could have easily handed out more red cards.


Minor Puppy Dog  1 Entry


1. Wright Dychix Silas Marner - 8 month old dark slate boy with good head and eye giving a pleasant  expression. Lovely outgoing character. Well made front, moved well but tended to get a little ahead of his handler at times.


Puppy Dog  2 Entries


1.  Osborne Malandex Xpressly Loved - Dark slate with lovely, masculine head, nice neck leading in to good shoulders. Well presented and shown in hard, well muscled condition. Although slightly hesitant at first, he made full use of the ring moving out really well with a nice easy gait, very in tune with handler. Pleased to award BPD.


2.  Wright Dychix Silas Marner



Junior Dog  5 Entries


1.  Finch Pipadene What The Dickens - Not the biggest of boys but nicely made. Good length to height ratio, good head, eye and expression. Well presented in good condition. Lovely neat hocks. He moved out so well around the ring with drive and purpose which won him the class. Lovely, lively fellow.


2. Dumbrell  Cheryshd Memories at Bethlyntee - Confident, nice natured boy with good masculine head, eye toning with quality harsh coat. Good overall proportions. Lovely outline standing but I would like him to settle and open up a little more on the move.


3. Ritchie  Cheryshd For Eternity


Potterdale Potential


Yearling Dog  2 Entries (1 abs)


1. Lewis & Edinboro   Potterdale Potential - Eye catching, calm, confident boy. Super head, length and overall construction. Well muscled. Good, harsh coat coming through. Lovely outline standing and moved out well, totally in tune with handler. Just waiting for his jacket to complete the picture.



Malandex Xactly Right for Kemelstowe

Veteran Dog  6 Entries (1 abs)   Super Class of Oldies.


1.  Sewell  CH. Malandex Xactly Right for Kemelstowe JW - 10 years old brown boy in tip top condition. Immaculately presented and handled. Lovely masculine head with classic beardie expression. Lovely angles fore and aft, super length and depth of rib. Pleasing outline standing and moved out well completely in tune with handler. Lovely character. BVD


2.  Nicholls- Ward   CH Bumbleridge's Naughty 'N' Nice JW ShCM  -  Lots to like about this old favourite of mine. 11 years old and not showing his age. Super outline on the stand and still moving out so well. Lovely head and eye, super front, good length and depth of rib. Relaxed character enjoying his day out.


3.  Finch  Dajue's the Basie Legend



Novice Dog  6 Entries


1.  Dumbrell  Cheryshd Memories at Bethlyntee (As above)


2.  Wood  Osmart Mink's Dark Lord  - Pleasing plain slate boy, slightly finer boned, old fashioned type. Lovely eye and expression. Shown in good, hard condition. Moved out well for his handler, showing plenty of animation. Lovely chap.


3. Ritchie  Cheryshd for Eternity



Talraz Nuts in May

Graduate Dog  4 Entries


1.  Bailey  Talraz Nuts In May - 3  year old brown boy, good head and eye toning with harsh coat. Lots to like about this young man. Pleasing picture standing, nice front and overall length. When on a loose lead moved out well showing off his lovely steady movement.


2.  Wood  Osmart Mink's Dark Lord (As above)


3.  Hopkins  Croftcaileag Dugald Dubh



Post Graduate Dog  7 Entries  (1 abs)

 Lovely Class.

 1.  Baker & Van De Hoef  Malandex Xclusive Diamond JW - Gorgeous 2 year old dark brown boy in good hard condition, pleasing head, eye and expression. Everything where it should be, finished off with a harsh jacket coming through. Lovely outline standing and a joy to watch on the move. Totally in tune with handler, moved out with drive and purpose. One to watch for the future. RBD

 2.  Hardy  Potterdale Harrier At Otterwish - Another eye catching, cracking blue boy. Well presented and handled. Good overall proportions, super condition, lovely ground covering movement. Close decision with 1 today.

 3.  Griffiths  Nellbrook Its A Mystery At Whizzbomb

In Vogue Island High Society at Talraz

Limit Dog  2 Entries

 1.  Jay  In Vogue Island High Society At Talraz (Imp Fra) - 5 Year old super dark slate boy. Taken with him as soon as he entered the ring. Handled and presented to his best. In good, hard muscular condition, lovely head and eye, stood with poise and confidence. Angles balanced fore and aft, with good length and depth of rib.  Moved out with an easy stride which covered the ground effortlessly. Pleased to award him BD & BOS.

2.  Hines  Ramsgrove Majendie's Dream JW-3 Year old dark slate boy.  Masculine head, good eye colour giving typical beardie expression.  Moderate length of neck in to well placed shoulders.  Good overall length, strong rear. Moved out well with his handler.

Nadene Harvester

Open Dog  2 Entries  (1 abs)

 1.  Maher & Richardson  Nadene Harvester - 5 year old brown boy although standing alone really deserved his 1st place. Well presented and handled, nice outline when standing and on the move. Lovely masculine head, good depth and length of rib. Really pleasing boy.


Best Dog
In Vogue Island High Society at Talraz

                    Reserve Best Dog
                    Malandex Xclusive Diamond

                                        Best Veteran in Show
                                        Ch Malandex Xactly Right for Kemelstowe

                                                            Best Puppy Dog
                                                            Malandx Xpressly Loved

Winterlyn Winter Sunrise

Minor Puppy Bitch  5 Entries (2 abs)

1. Paterson  Winterlyn Amber Sunrise - Lovely 8 months old brown girl. Lots to like about this youngster.  Head coming on nicely, correct eye.  Good angles fore and aft. When settled presented a lovely outline standing and on the move, moved out well covering the ground with an easy stride.

2.  Kennedy  Chyanully's Pavlova - 7 months dark slate girl.  Different type to 1.  Presented well, in good condition.  Correct depth of rib.  Pleasing outline on the stand and good, steady movement.

3.  Stockwell  Winterlyn Amethyst Reef


Puppy Bitch  6 Entries (1 abs)

Lovely class to judge.

1.  Shield  Malandex Xpressly Chosen - Super brown girl, maturing well.  Everything in the right place.  Beautiful head and gorgeous sweet expression.  Excelled in depth and length of rib, balanced fore and aft.  Cheeky and full of beans just as a beardie pup should be.  Her enthusiasm overtook at times but I just saw enough of her lovely, flowing movement to award her and her novice owner BPB & BPIS.

2.  Woolley  Malandex Xpressly Sweet With Aratika - Litter sister to 1 and similar comments apply.  Slightly lower set than 1. Another with excellent depth and length of rib, sweet head and expression.  More settled on the move, covering the ground well with confidence and drive.  Well presented and handled.

3.  Fielder  Malandex Xpressly Made For Malarkey

Junior Bitch  6 Entries

Another super class where I was spoilt for choice.

1.  Stead  Natterjack Nordic Star Over Cloverbrae JW - 15 month old plain slate bitch handled to perfection.  Super hard condition, moved with grace and elegance covering the ground well. So light on her feet.  Good head and sweet expression.  Lovely length of neck in to well placed shoulders.  Good proportions all through.  Pleased to award her RBB & RBIS.

2.  Swaby  Pipadene When You Believe In Marsby - 15 month old pale slate bitch. Another in good hard condition.  Nice feminine head and eye toning with harsh coat.  Lovely length and depth of rib, muscled hindquarters and neat hocks.  Moved with drive. Well presented and handled.  Pushed 1 hard for top place.

3. Fox  Braemoor's Start The Party With Bushblades (Imp NL)

Yearling Bitch  9 Entries (2 abs)

Another class of beauties, could easily change places on another day.

1.  Hards  Braemoray Lock An Eilein JW - Nearly 2 years old, super young lady.  Lovely feminine head and sweet expression.  Well made front assembly, good length and depth, well set hocks.  Pleasing outline standing and moved out well.  Just waiting for her best clothes to finish the picture.

2.  Collins  Luna De Chester At Kingswud (Imp Fra) JW - Lots to like about this girl.  Coat at the pale stage at the moment but of correct texture.  Lovely head and expression,  nicely arched neck leading into well placed shoulders.  Moved out with far reaching strides covering the ground well.  Close decision.

3.  Swaby  Pipadene When You Believe At Marsby


Veteran Bitch  13 Entries  (3 abs)

1.   Jay  Talraz Honey Trap JW - 11 Year old brown girl in super coat and lovely hard condition.  Presented and handled to get the best from her.  Beautiful head and expression and pleasing proportions all through.  Moved out with drive and purpose holding a level top line at all times.  Gorgeous picture. BVB

2.  Woolley  Aratika Spirit Maid - 7 year old slate  girl.  Another in tip top condition.  Super head and eye giving that classic beardie expression. Nicely balanced and well constructed which allowed her to cover the ground effortlessly.  Well handled and presented.

3.  Wood  Osmart Muff's Jessica Black

Novice Bitch  7 Entries

1.  Woolley  Malandex Xpressly Sweet With Aratika - as above.

2.  Fielder  Malandex Xpressly Made For Malarkey - Lovely 9 month old puppy.  Sweet, feminine head with well toning eye.  Good front, excellent depth and length of rib and good length to height proportions. Very pleasing picture on the stand, presented and handled well.

3.  Buckley  Holtend Captured In Time


Graduate Bitch  7 Entries (2 abs)

1.  Baker & Van De Hoef  Malandex Xquisit Diamond - Impressive 2 year old brown girl in super hard condition.  Good quality dark coat coming through. Good head with pleasing expression, well made front assembly and balanced throughout.  Excellent depth and length of rib.  Moved out with ground covering strides.  Well presented and handled.

2.  Hards  Braemoray Loch An Eilein JW - as above.

3.  Fox  Braemoor's Start The Party With Bushblades (Imp NL)

Post Graduate Bitch  7 Entries (2 abs)

1.  Jay  Talraz May Queen - 2   year old slate bitch in lovely hard condition.  Good head and eye, coat of correct harsh texture.  Well balanced with good front, neat rear with low set hocks.  Plenty of drive on the move, covering the ground well. Presented and handled well.

2.  Styles  Ragellie Timeless JW - 2  year old brown girl, different type to 1.  Nice feminine head showing typical beardie expression.  Well made front assembly, good depth and length of rib.  Moved out with an easy stride.

3.  Bowden  Subessen Blaze Of Fire


Limit Bitch  7 Entries (1 abs)

1.  Fox & Farrier  Bushblades Causin' A Storm With Kayanarra - Lovely 4 year old dark slate girl in super condition. Handled and presented well. Lovely outline standing, held her top line well on the move.  Good front, pleasing length and depth of rib leading to well balanced rear. Covered the ground well.

2.  Harkin & Thorpe  Merrythorpe Miss Scarlett At Claudalla - 3  year old brown girl.  Another in super condition.  Correct angles fore and aft, good rib.  Liked her well muscled rear and driving action.  Well handled and presented.

3.  James  Charncroft Call Me Magic

Open Bitch  6 Entries (1 abs)

1.  O'brien  Sammara Little Black Dress - Privilege to go over this bitch.  Super, elegant young lady.  Moved out with style and poise covering the ground with ease.  Presented in super hard condition in immaculate coat.  Good head and eye giving beautiful, classic expression. Her neck flowed in to well laid shoulders.  Super length and depth of rib, kept a totally level top line standing and on the move.  Stunning.  Pleased to award BB & BIS.  Well deserved.

2.  Woolley  Aratika Creme De La Creme - Another super bitch.  Gorgeous brown with pleasing  head, expression and dark eye toning with coat.  Well placed shoulders, good length and depth of rib, well balance fore and aft.  Moved out well in tune with handler.  Quality bitch.

3.  Hough  Seacharmzed Razamataz


Judge - Ian Pickup

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